It always catches us off guard but we all experience that feeling. When everything stops and continues in slow motion. For a split second you know you will look back on this moment in the future and wish you could relive it a hundred times, yet the only thing you can do is enjoy it during the short period it last. We live for moments like this. Moments that suck all the evil out of our perspectives.


the beauty compatable with pain

it’d been a while. a while since she felt the warm spot in her heart of someone who made her feel irreplaceable the loud laugh you could hear of hers on replay. displaying how incredibly happy she was. the one who built her up and loved her hard. so she thought… the same one building her up was also breaking her down. she opened up and spilled all her worries and weaknesses into a dark sucking vacuum. she invested her sweet pure soul and sacrificed herself for whom she thought loved her. one day those simple words “it’s just not the same I’m sorry” tore her to pieces. she discovered the beautiful flowers of all new colors blooming inside her, she didn’t know it yet but she was growing. growing into something unstoppable. the many tears turned into strength. they hardened after falling from her dark eyes as she turned into something newimage.

she was no longer pure or vulnerable she was un breakable. made of something stronger than any substance earth can offer. as she was the same beauty that meets the eyes of strangers, it’ll take someone rare to seek the inside destruction in her heart

Shocking lessons i learned from a total stranger over the internet

Opening your mind to anyone is always dangerous. But since this is me, I love living on the dangerous side of life.. the fearless side. Why be scared of things when our mind is indestructible from past pain? The adrenaline is one of the few things that can fill the void of loneliness or rejection.

Recently I went into a random chat room with random people all over the world. I guess I needed someone to talk to, someone that couldn’t judge me or tell my secrets to anyone important. Not thinking too much about it I came across someone whom I knew from the start stood out to me. Maybe what stood out to me was his addiction to know my deep thoughts on just about anything. This was a change from your typical brainwashed human being in this world.

His name is Michael. he taught me lots of things about life that I know will help me be strong and successful in the future. one of them being, “Nothing in life is black or white.  I used to think that way.  My father always would say with black and white you can make infinite shades of grey.”

“in an odd way pain helps you see what is important, the real beauty in life”

“want ruins beauty, I learned to take myself out of the picture. Like gods camera. You can walk down the street on a snowing night. Then if you open your mind you see the complexity of it all. It is so beautiful, you cant help but to tear up, being caught up in a moment, as if it was just for you.”

For hours I just couldn’t get enough with the incredible vision and thoughts he had about life it was extraordinary.

I had asked Michael for some advise on why men are afraid to accept love. He replied, “My best guess is fear of commitment, love is supposed to be final.  Ego, you always think there is something better out there.  I would say.”

He told me that the intelligent and the shy guys are the ones to go for and to also be dominate.

“once you convince yourself you know it all, you are on a sinking ship.”

I feel like Michael was sent into my life for a reason. Someone I can share my mind-blowing ideas to and someone who has the same wild viewpoint on life. Right away I loved the feeling of someone taking the time to know what’s really on the adventurous mind of this Barbie doll. He asked me, “What made you so different from the others?”

Honestly I didn’t know how to answer his question. I’ve noticed I don’t think the same as most people. I’m far from simple minded.. Insane it feels like. Insane with good intentions. God put everyone in your life for a reason. Its shocking how you can just click with someone totally random and just speak your mind. No judging no holding back. I’ve learned that success is not only from hard work, but its also from creativity. We all have creativity in us, some just choose to hide their shine more than others in fear of rejection.

Be careful who you open yourself up to, but don’t hide your inner madness.

Life advice from a teen and beauty


One day you will look back on this time. You will look back and realise you had the key to your cage all along; you were just too busy trying to get someone else’s attention to ask if they could free you. See we’re trapped, and no amount of appointments or pills can free us properly. We can’t free ourselves really. But we can free ourselves from some things. Toxic relationships are the number one thing on the list. Whether it’s a toxic relationship with yourself or another. We often feed ourselves lies to make sure we can feel truly worthless. Your boyfriend makes you feel like shit? Leave his sorry ass, do you think he’d do that if he loved you? Your girlfriend is abusive? Don’t stick around to let her destroy you.
One day no one will hold you back; and you will burn the walls that imprisoned…

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new year new blog?

You may have caught yourself wondering about the internet and somehow you wondered upon my page. Well lucky you. The first blog is supposed to be basic I suppose, something like “hi my name is..” Well “basic” doesn’t exactly suit me. I wont state my name or where I’m from because it is not needed just yet. I am a teenage girl with a mind full of wonders, ideas hoping to inspire, blogging from different view points, expressing relatable deep feelings, and reaching out to new people.

I love meeting new people and sharing some of my creative ideas with you. Honestly who knows more about fashion and trends than a teenager? Well, if your teenager daughter wont let you borrow her clothes than count on me for tips and trends. I currently make jewelry and art pieces with dreams of going far. This is all just simple things that nobody really cares about reading, but if you are human { I’m assuming you are } than you should know what pain feels like. Plot twist right?  I’m not talking about the kind where you scrape your nee, I’m talking about the kind of pain that travels with you everywhere you go, every song you listen to. The kind of pain that leaves you laying on your bedroom floor balling your eyes out. I can relate. Lets not get into too much detail on that in this blog, but for some odd reason pain causes me to be extremely creative. The kind of creative that makes you wake up at 3 in the morning and repaint your room, or the kind that gives you that spark to create something special.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

So welcome to my blog I guess and stay in touch my fellow sparklers. 🙂 -xoxo lauren